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Experienced in the development of supercars since end of the 60s (, and since 2011 in the Moroccan hinterland (Province de Tétouan), we developed for our resumption end of 2014 of the environmental and humanitarian German GTZ/GIZ project “Ifrane Ali” of 1995 (especially for safer transport of gas bottles by lowering the cargo area / centre of gravity) a modular lightweight construction system, initially to manufacture the usual "triporteurs" in that region. Due to the increased risk of overturning, we soon switched to a four-wheel version. For environmental reasons (see above) the motor(s) should be electric, but this innovative construction system will work with small combustion engines, too. Because of the talented and competitive Moroccan labour force we can respond to specific customer requirements even from small series. Having developed first of all a cargo vehicle for markets like the Moroccan one, we then examined the market for light vehicles in Europe finding the EU L7e approval regulations, for which we can offer unrivalled versions in our innovative design principle :
This aluminium lightweight construction system is based on an innovative attachment of leaf springs on a lower box frame combined with our trapezoid longitudinal tubular frame construction system (patented 1973 in Germany for our “Hartung Sparta Nature”, and in other countries including the USA) via the roof construction of a vehicle, with the consequence of an in-line-3-seater with central driver's position and a payload until 2,5 x higher than it’s curb/tare weight :

1. lowest possible center of gravity with a loading height of <45 cm and small side wheel cases for 10" (or 12”) wheels

2. innovative modular lightweight construction system, flexible for many different versions, also in small series

3. cargo quadricycle version EU L7e (600 kg + batteries) with payload from 0,5 t as required up to 1,5 t

4. if not a “<2,7 m Smart Forthree” version, standard cargo area 2 m long and 1.57 m wide (outer width 1,67 m), other dimensions on request

5. bench seat with standard dimensions for 3 persons and central driver's seat

6. roof with rollover bar above (5.), on request gull-winged doors, solar cells

7. cargo area on request with roof and side walls : 3 m3 loading volume, then on request 4 m2 solar cells

8. <3.5 m long taxi version for 8 passengers (3rd rear bench seat in opposite direction) + driver

9. (transverse parking) "<2,7 m Smart Forthree" cult car pickup EU L7e cargo version (600 kg + batteries) for 2 passengers + driver, only passenger “<2,7 m Smartforsix” version (450 kg + batteries) for 5 passengers + driver (small boot + roof rack)

10. choice between 3 (“triporteur”) and 4 wheels ('classic pickup’), optionally LSD, 4x4

11. on request versions for speeds on country roads up to 90 km/h until more than 500 km; planning for future 130 km/h on highways

12. probably the electric vehicle according to e.g. EU L7e with the lowest kWh consumption per passenger (calculated on e.g. 100 km)

13. economic “triporteur” version for the African market up from € 3.000
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